Friday, September 18, 2009

Ah September

September. From septimus or seventh. This would make September the seventh month only if you've been drinking enough fermented grape juice. Or if someone callously added months and changed it's position without changing it's name but that would be both stupid for all of us and cruel to September.

Things we look forward to in September? New tv shows on the idiot box, some of them worth a view, most too stupid to bother with. More dumbing down to the LCD (lowest common denominator, not liquid crystal display for you YWS - young whipper snappers). Kathy is most excited about The Amazing Race of course, as far as tv goes. But it's safe to say she's more excited that Skyler and Clarisa will be moving in for awhile as Skyler goes thru police academy. A good movie so a good career choice. I'm looking forward to cooler weather even though it was a mild summer thanks to global warming. Did you know I have a separate blog about global warming? It's true - the blog that is, not global warming which is demonstrably not true.