Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life has begun again

The Amazing Race 13, aka TAR13 started tonight and obviously nothing is more important than that event. At least that's true for Kathy. Our favorite team is not clear yet but I doubt it will be the aging hippie bee-keepers from Oregon. Or the geeks or frat boys. Okay, so far I'm not impressed with any team but the show only started 10 minutes ago. First stop was Brazil which gives us warm feelings since we've been there.

In other events nothing happened.

A campaign photo of Hillary's visit to Bosnia under sniper fire.

Campaign slogans:
Go Obama, preferably far far away.
Re-elect Bush/Cheney 2008.
NBC=naturally biased coverage

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Gus and I approved this blog.

Yes, gentle reader, this blog has been authorized and approved by Gustavus the First, ruler of the Davis household. When asked if we could start a blog, Gustavus merely waved her paw (yes, gender issues, don't get me started) which I think means it's okay.

I attended an air show in Wendover this past weekend. Many airplanes were flown, food was consumed, fun was had. An injunction against Warcrack-related discussions was only loosely enforced by Clarisa and once she was asleep it was ignored completely. This precluded us from going to a movie which was a good thing since Hollywood's slump continues and there was nothing worth seeing. But I look forward to "An American Carol" by Zucker of Airplane and Naked Gun fame. Anything which portrays Michael Moore (or a surrogate) getting slapped is a good thing in itself so my expectations are, well, conservative.

We're mourning the loss of all our favorite tv shows to cable counter-programming, all are on hold until January or so, including Burn Notice, Eureka, Monk and Psych. But TAR14 begins next week so the light at the end of the tunnel may not be locomotive in origin.

The sound of hissing indicates it's time to end this installment, so gentle reader, avoid those pesky CO2 emissions, no Guns for Oil and remember, BLKD. Look it up, it's not true but it's catchy.