Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh noes it's April

April. Originally the second month of the year and now the fourth, April is from the Latin aperire, to open, as in opening Spring? Then again it might be named after Venus who was based on the Greek goddess Aphrodite (Aphros). Maybe we should rename it Taxos for obvious reasons. Thanks to wiki I now know that the word Easter Eostur-monath or possibly based on the goddess Eostre

It's tax day eve which means I expect Tea Parties and bashers to flood the tv. I don't understand the lemming-like way of the mass media, blithely ignoring the sentiment of most Americans in order to cater to the minority liberal viewer/reader. They cover a "Coffee Party" of five to a much greater extent than a Tea Party gathering of 500 or more and claim there's no bias in their coverage. What sort of idiot would believe that? Maybe we need a new term, how about Lib-iot?

Conference was very good and uplifting but I dvr'd part of it and haven't watched all of it yet.

It finally got warm enough (and dry enough) for me to mow the lawn. Yay! /sarc off It did need it but this is just the first of dozens of mowings to look forward to so my enthusiasm is muted. But it was a really nice day out of the house.

We saw Alice in Wonderland last week, great great movie. This week we saw Date Night and it was funny but flawed, much less entertaining than Alice. We really liked How to Train Your Dragon but Alice was even better. And I'm a long ways from being a Tim Burton fan.

I just completed my Star Trek tv collection, every episode from every series, including the barely watchable animated series. We already have the movies we liked, which is pretty much just the even-numbered films. I wonder if they did this on purpose?