Thursday, May 7, 2009

New and improved blog for May

Well, I bought a gun. It's a shiny new Bersa .380 concealed carry with the satin nickel finish. So far it's unfired since ammo is impossible to find but Cabela's assures me my order for 2 boxes will be filled by the 10th. Those boxes won't last long as I want to put the gun thru it's paces. I took the concealed carry class and now just need to pay the state to get a permit. The Bersa has great safety features, an integral trigger lock, a trigger blocking device, a safety, and a magazine safety so without a magazine it becomes an ineffective club. When carried with a round in the chamber it can still be fired with a single long trigger pull but it's very unlikely to do that by accident.

Skyler got the Bersa Thunder .380 which is only slightly longer and thicker, a bit heavier and is otherwise exactly the same. It's not quite as eye-catching as mine since it lacks the satin nickel finish but that's not important for something that will remain hidden most of the time. His would be a bit harder to pocket carry but I'm not sure how feasible that will prove to be with my Bersa CC either. My nephew Terry's wife has the same gun as Skyler's and he claims she loves it.

We saw Wicked in SLC last week: it was very entertaining. Funny, a perverse twist on the Wizard of Oz with former heroes becoming villains or dolts and the villainous Wicked Witch becoming a very sympathetic character. I'm not into musical theater as much as I used to be but it was worth the effort.

Saturday is Star Trek day. The new movie might revive a franchise that has withered away and I've always preferred the Star Trek universe to the Star Wars or other universes. As if that matters with a fantasy universe. When I mentioned I wanted to see it in Imax, Kathy pointed out we'd have to go to Salt Lake to do so, which I interpreted as 'we need to go to SLC to see it in Imax'. She disputes that's what she meant but I think we have a legally binding oral agreement. I'll have to ask Whitney for her opinion.

Kathy got a new PC, a Dell laptop to replace her broken Toshiba. It's also shiny and new and much better than mine in nearly every way. No it's not, it requires Vista whereas mine has been successfully upgraded to good old XP. I won't go back no matter how much Gates offers me, I've yet to see a laptop that can run better on Vista than XP. But it is faster and newer than mine.