Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things and stuff for June & July

June was named for Juno, a Roman goddess stolen borrowed from the Greek's Hera. July was named for Julius Caesar. Did you know that already?

In June we went to Park City which was fun. Days lounging by the pool (or in it), reading five new books (from the Repairman Jack series), and visiting. Other things happened that month I'm sure, but I don't remember what they were. Probably less fun than Park City.

In July we came home from Park City and spent Independence Day lighting fireworks at Bob & Marilyn's and seeing whether Skyler lost any fingers. We saw Ice Age 3D and it was good, maybe not as good as the first two but still better than average which is enough. Scrat was only so-so and he's usually the best part of the movie. We've also recently seen Up!, The Proposal, and Night at the Museum 2. What I'd like to see are The Stoning of Soraya M and The Hurt Locker, both look great but they're in limited release.

No movies this weekend since we're going to the Mayberry family party. Not for tubing but just to hang out and visit. Next weekend will be Harry Potter #6 and seeing Dumbledore die gives me reason to go on.

Still no ammo so I still haven't even tried out my cute little Bersa .380 semi-auto handgun. I may buy a shotgun for home defense instead since it seems there are plenty of shotgun shells in the stores and they're fairly simple to reload. I found a nice little machete at Wal-Mart that should be handy during the Zombie Apocalypse, it even has a case with a safety feature. Into the 72-hour kit and I just hope I can reach it before they over-run the house. Kathy says I have zombies on the brain but I think that's kind of redundant, don't you?

Miss C, your cat and Gus really got into it tonight and when I tried to break it up before Smokey killed Gus I was rewarded with two major bites on my leg. From Gus, still in time-out and high on my bad list.

Well, that's it for the blogosphere for today. Closing thoughts: There is no global warming. You can't spend more money than you receive for very long. This internet thing might last longer than I first thought. You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people for only some of the time, so our Prez will soon prove that I hope.

**7-15-09 Update** Cabela's called today and my .380 rounds are in. As soon as I get them I'll try out my Bersa and see how it fires. Side note: my stun pen needs warranty service so I'm buying another one (or two, or three). I got a good price so if anyone is in the market I can give you the website. I got a basic stun gun, 900,000 volts; a flashlight/stun gun with 1 million volts, a cell phone shaped stun gun that I think has 1 million volts - all three are rechargable. I also got some pepper spray for Kathy and Clarisa , it has invisible UV dye so the bad guy can be identified later. That and some toys for under $85, which is the usual price of just a cell phone shaped stun gun. I just hope they'll work against zombies.