Friday, April 29, 2011

Movies & TV Extravaganza

I like movies. And I like tv. But most movies are weak, derivative or poorly-done and tv is about the same but on a weekly/daily basis. But some movies are good and some tv is also good. How can you know what's good though? I can help.

Hop was okay but kind of dumb so unless your tastes are similar to Kathy's, don't go. Source Code was good but maybe you saw it under several other names over the last few years. Derivative.

Battle: LA was also good but more of an empty-headed summer flick. When will aliens learn that direct invasion and warfare isn't as good as using a virus or sterilization agent in our water? Or maybe just find a planet without nukes to take over? (Same problem with V, The Event and others). Wouldn't terraforming be cheaper than intergalactic invasion?

Rango? Just plain fun and not at all like any of other talking lizard in the wild west movies I've seen lately. There were a lot we didn't get to see since they seem to like to release 5 good movies in one week, then wait 2 months before releasing another, thus making you pick 2 good movies followed by several weeks of junk.

TV? You didn't ask but I like Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory and Justified. I really like Justified, it's like very violent poetry with a southern accent. Nearly everything we watch is from the DVR or hard drive, mostly the hard drive in my case. Or Netflix where I'm watching Dresden Files yet again, wishing it was better (more like the books) and hadn't been on quick-to-cancel-SyFy. And Game of Thrones on HBO!!! Based very closely on the novels by George RR Martin it's the best tv fantasy series ever with amazing production values. There's been nudity in every ep so far so be warned but even worse the author is very tough on his favorite characters so don't get too attached to any of the Stark family if you do watch GoT.

Well, I'll try again to get Kathy to blog but so far she's refused.