Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is it almost March already?

We took a cruise. Western Caribbean. Fun was had. Food was so-so. Chin-Chin's was great though.

Four excursions. Roatan - snorkeling where I had a little panic at first for some reason so on the first stop I got out early. The second stop was fine and I had fun. Kathy was a fish the whole time.

Belize City - cave tubing via cave-tubing.com where they like to keep it real for you. Hehe. It was fun although the cave itself was hard to see with the poor headlamps they provided. The guys who took us were a lot of fun. This was Kathy's favorite stop.

Costa Maya - visited the ruins at Chocchoben. This was the best one for me because I'm a history dork. Or is it nerd? No, nerds like math and science so let's call me a buff. We had a guide for just the two of us which meant he had to answer all of my questions.

Everglades - back in Miami. We spotted several gators, I think a total of 5 on the tour and one by the bridge on our return. The airboat was huge but still fun and very very loud.

We probably won't cruise with NCL again since we haven't gotten around to Costa, Royal Caribbean or Celebrity yet.