Monday, March 14, 2011

March and Spring are here

It's been awhile but it's finally getting warmer, not global warming though. Just in this hemisphere.

I found a new iPad app that's great for videos called Azul. Just install it and then when you use iTunes select the app on your iPod and drag videos into the app. So far it's played every format and codec I've tried without re-encoding which makes things easier. The controls are adequate but not as extensive as video LAN for the pc. Definitely worth the app cost.

After some consideration I'm hanging onto the 1st gen iPad as the new model just doesn't offer anything I have to have.Yeah it would be nice to have a much thinner and slightly lighter toy but it still is heavy and big enough I'd use the stand anyway so it's a moot point to me. Dual cameras are nice if I skyped much but I don't so another feature I don't really need. It's faster but I doubt any developer is going to abandon the 15 million original iPads anytime soon. What does that leave? White instead of black? I already have a case much better than the new slipcase. If it had a micro-sd card or USB port I'd probably want this enough to trade up but it lacks both. I'll wait for the next gen.